Friday, July 17, 2009

We want to send a warm christian greeting to all of our friends and family back home and also to all those who are reading the blog! We hope that some of these experiences are of an encouragement and do some up-building seeing as we need this all the more so as Jehovah's great day draws even closer! We hope that those who have the circumstances to do this rewarding work give it a try and to reap Jehovah's blessings, and for those who do not yet have the circumstances assure you that the work is speeding up in these last days! Now for some experiences!

This one is from Brandon

Hello friends from the north! We are having great experiences down here and we miss all of you very much. Omar I think has moved back to the states because hes no ware to be found and its been 3 weeks now, but definite seeds were planted! Carlton is doing exceptional and all can tell by his heartfelt comments during his study’s that he is serious and loves Jehovah! Carlton mentioned that he thought he has going to loose his Job but this did not seem to bother him in the slightest way, he said with a smile on his face “I know Jehovah provides even if I loose my Job.” Carlton Is now wanting to come to his first Sunday meeting! I also found a young deaf man about 17 years old, im so excited to meet with him again tomorrow! A brother told us “this is why the end has not come yet, look at the people, look at all the sincere interest!”

This one is for Seth

Hello, I miss everyone very much, and I’ve been hearing great things (Cameron). Gambeano has been under going some work so it’s been hard to catch him for his studies, but we have plans for tomorrow. That is the hardest part about our ministry, is trying to keep appointments with our studies, or possible studies. I was going back to someone who I had missed earlier in the week. His name is Justin and about the same age as me. At first I was kind of wondering about his interest because some youth don’t take us as seriously as the older ones do. I then mentioned to him when he wanted to try to study again, and he told me Tuesday next week. He then said “I was waiting for you the other day, but I never find you.” I apologized and explained to him that this time I will check back on him multiple times. I am excited to see him next week. Derrick and I passed by and saw one of Dan’s studies that we had gone on. He stopped us to tell us how much he appreciates the time we spend with him. (even though this particular man was one of the busiest in Placencia.) He said “I was talking to other ‘ministers’ and asked them about the resurrection. He had no clue! I told him how you gonna teach people if you don’t even know the basics!” “You guys”, he said, “Even a million thank yous wouldn’t make up for what you do!”

This ones from Derrick

Well the last couple of weeks have been amazing and the interest that we find is developing more and more every day. Julius the 7 year old boy that I study with is enjoying the study so much that he has decided to start to come to Sunday meetings and he told his mom he wants to raise his hand and comment like everyone else! I found another great call in Seine Bight or I guess I should say he found me. As we were working the doors he approached me and said he would like for me to come by and study the bible with him, I let him know that of course I would. I saw him next week and he brought what he called it his “bag of tools” I then asked if he has seen the Bible Teach book he then said yes and pulled it out of his “tool bag” he then began to pull out the Bible Teach book, the greatest man whoever lived, a revelation book, and the Daniel Prophecy book. I now began to think that he has studied before and he let me know he did. He then explained that he studied for a while and then just stopped because his wife passed away a year ago. I was very excited that he decided that he needed to come back and continue to work on his relationship with Jehovah.

Another cool experience that the whole group experienced had to do with another church youth group that came to Seine Bight for a couple of weeks. The territory we have in Seine Bight is very fresh and at first the thought of a youth group coming and doing volunteer work in the neighborhood (repairing houses, distributing food etc.) would have a negative effect on our ministry. But as the days went on as the youth group was here the comments we received from the locals were of a bit of a shock. Vincent a local said, “They come and they go, but they don’t teach you a thing from the Bible.” Another local stated, “There is a difference between you and them. They come for a few weeks out of the year and stay at a fancy resort. But you guys, you live life with us.” Another said this, “These people don’t gain our respect but you witnesses gain our respect.” Clearly an undisputable difference.

This ones from Tim,

The only word I can use to describe my trip so far is, AMAZING! My studies have continued to blossom and the experiences keep coming. Before coming to Belize I’ve only had one bible study and it only lasted about 2 weeks and only a handful of good calls. But since being here in Belize I’ve been conducting 4 bible studies and around 25 return visits. As a group we have 18 studies and around 100 return visits. Belize is definitely ripe for the harvesting we would say!
Two days ago I was on my study with Jimmy, a man that worked at a Resort on a stretch of land 4 miles from Placencia. Jimmy and the other employees that work at the resort were sent from Guatemala and other surrounding areas in Belize. Our studies are around 6pm at the work quarters for the Resort. The previous week I had sat down with jimmy and we had a great discussion on the dead. This time Brandon volunteered to come along with me and we had an amazing 2 hour study. During our study four fellow workers from the resort came and sat in on the study. Each of these men were extremely interested in our study. They all asked Brandon and I questions about the bible and were keenly interested in having bible studies. One man named Arnold was one of the most exciting and enthusiastic person I’ve ever met. Arnold was aware of Jehovah’s witnesses and knew of the book, What Does The Bible Really Teach? He asked about the book, and Brandon and I were amazed he even knew of the book. He then asked How much?!!!! How much?!!!! I told Arnold it was FREE! His face lit up soo bright and put his hand over his heart and expressed to us how much he had wanted this book and how he had finally met one of Jehovah’s Witnesses! Brandon and I were shocked at what we had just heard, and we were so happy to find these four workers yearning for the truth. We’re very excited to come back with 4 more bible teach books and to begin our studies!

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